Religious with a peculiar spirituality


Above all, we intend to follow Jesus Christ's footsteps. The religious discovers a hidden treasure and puts his chances on it. He sells everything to have it. He concludes that the absolute good does not reside in money, nor in sex, nor in power. They are not worth too fearsome a fight, especially if such would require dishonorable means. The religious recognizes himself as other than the center of the universe, and that his ideas are not always the best for the sole reason of being his own.

All this is expressed in classical terms by the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. But they are correctly understood only as means, not as an end. No one but a madman would make himself poor, chaste or obedient for its own sake. But he may take such a step when this decision will favor greater agility in living. When it loudly decries the anouncement of a common Father whom desires solidarity among us and whom has us a mission.



We are religious and Missionaries of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This title colors and concretes our consecrated lifestyle. We distance ourselves from images unesthetic in color and detail as from mellifluous interjections, although. Neither do we enfasize melancholy, sacrifice or mistrust. Such premises downtone faith in a passive, intimist and whining way.


We refer to the heart as a symbol of that wich is deepest in a person. We believe that human beings have a center from which their moral options surge and where their gravest decisions are nurtured. The heart refers also to love, to solidarity and to mercy. We contemplate faith's horizon from this point of view. Attitudes, ideas and engagements aquire the warm and cordial touch that is typical to this spirituality. Love, neighborhood and forgivenes are features of the Gospel that we preach with predilection.

Jesus Christ, on the cross, let himself be pierced by the spear. This is the presentation card of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We believe that it is worth to let oneself be pierced by the spear of injustice and unsolidarity in order to relieve the innumerable pierced people of our world. We believe that in a world that is "off center" by violence, sex, corruption and long lines of refugees it is worth it to try to repair the damaged center of the human heart.